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Project Based Learning and Constructivism 

I really love project based learning. I think that is natural due to the fact that I am innately an instructional designer. Instructional designers are always working on projects. We are presented with information, collaborate with subject matter experts if possible, create learning experiences, turn it back over to the program needing the services and move on to the next project. 

According to our studies on the EdX Instructional Design and Technology course, Project Based Learning happens when an instructor creates a challenging project for learners. The learner must retrieve knowledge learned in the course as well as acquiring new skills they need to complete the project. Learning happens as a result of completing the project (Derby par. 1, 2020).

One type of project based learning that happens frequently in learning environments is the group project. Group project work ties in with Constructivism, which promotes collaboration, teamwork skills and participation. Group members past experiences aid in others learning as well as the project. 


Here is a project based learning prompt and link to a project review. I chose the Micro Learning and Assessment to be placed on Articulate 360 for the following reasons. 

1. This platform is very clear, clean and pleasant to look at. It provides a relaxing experience for the learner because of the template fonts, colors and transitions between slides. When learners are on computers completing trainings, they should be given a good experience, even if their learning is still up to them. 

2. The opportunity to present information in various ways is essential. Just because an adult learner is taking charger of their own learning, does not mean they do not have preferences in their approach to learning. Some may want to read all of the information. Some may want to be quizzed frequently. Some need behavioral tools that offer rewards or gamification. This platform provides it.

3. The ability to record evaluations and allow retesting immediately. It is important that learners correct their mistakes or relearn information that is pertinent to their future. I really enjoy the visual graphics of what the learner has not passed and the ability to retest. 


Please see below for grading rubric and learner reflection. 

Group Project for small airline trainee group (4-5 trainees):

Requirements: Create your own airline. Name it and design a logo. Please demonstrate three of the following Federal Aviation Regulations in your start up document. You will be expected to have an understanding of all FARs listed below although your group will only highlight three. You will be expected to present your airline to the class and sell it as the best out of all of the groups. Be creative! Please see reflection questions and rubric for project standards and goals.

Federal Aviation Regulations you may choose from: 

1. 121.135 Manual contents

2. 121.137 Distribution and availability

3. 121.153 Aircraft requirements: General

4. 121.161 Airplane limitations: Type of route

5. 121.163 Aircraft proving tests

Derby, Leann. (2020, June 15). Instructional Design and Technology course website. Retrieved from

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