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Results and Findings


A. Training

Majority findings: Not enough training to work alone within two weeks, other resources outside of the company trainings were used to help producers. Most producers observed a production 1-3 times and deemed it was not enough. After production errors, producers referred to other producers and online information for help.


B. Experience

Majority findings: Most producers feel comfortable asking questions about the platform. Most had issues within their first three productions. Most have been uncomfortable working with a stakeholder, but most productions have not completely failed. Stakeholder disappointments have caused decreased confidence within the platform and producer. Most producers have spoken negatively about the platform.


C. Improvement

Majority findings: Most have voiced their concerns to leadership about the platform. Most feel these issues would not happen on other platforms. Most have recovered a bad experience in front of a stakeholder. Most feel more training is needed. Most producers would be willing to help others if given the opportunity.

The overall findings include recognizing the need to use other platforms, lack of confidence in the platform and an interest in improving their skills on this platform. Practicing on webinars that have caused distractions in the past, by creating an environment where producers can fail privately would improve confidence. Then they can proceed confidently in public with stakeholders.


Instructional Goals and Recommendations

It is recommended that prior to accepting a request for an online webinar, that questions are asked to evaluate if a different platform should be used for the stakeholder’s needs. It is recommended that regular team meetings should happen on the platform to recreate issues and their corrections in real time. This would allow questions from producers to be asked in a safe space and environment. Consistent conversations about creating a positive culture should be shaped as producers are feeling uncomfortable with stakeholders and are also speaking negatively about the platform. Accountability should be increased and blame shifting should be minimized. Creating a formal way to address previous concerns, and show proof of improvements to stakeholders, could increase trust and attitude.

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