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PowerPoint to Responsive/ Interactive Design

The team was given a task to convert a training which was originally presented with PowerPoint slides and PDF's. Those tools would be turned into an interactive and responsive design for new coastal employees around the country. 

Articulate RISE was chosen as the platform to present all of the current information in a user friendly, web based, responsive product. 

As product manager, I was responsible for keeping the product deadlines on schedule, as well as the designer building all visual elements of the product, implementing UX principles. I coordinated with the subject matter expert on the content to be converted, as well as updates due to user feedback, inclusivity improvements, and accessibility.

Original Product

Updated Product

CZMA Old.png
CZMA New.png

Visit live site here.

Coastal managers were in need of updated training materials for their staff. This updated version needed to be in a training format that could be handed off to a new employee, ensuring they would understand the foundational concepts of their work. The content needed to be thorough, provide knowledge checks, links to other resources, and conclude with a final quiz. 

User activities were inserted within the module, which were designed to make the learner more engaged. These activities include questions that their manager can expound upon or information the user can research on their own. To increase the user experience, I initiated the need for a quick reference worksheet for learners to document information valuable to their program. 

Sample of Quick Reference

QR Sample.png

The new product went through several rounds of testing. The alpha review revealed needs for updates in language, changes in data, nuances of the content, suggestions on visual elements, and other aesthetic and content improvements. Many comments were taken into consideration as the best experience for the user was always in mind. One example included removing an icon because it eluded to it being a clickable link. A new format was chosen, and following reviewers did not notate this design challenge as an issue. 

Sample of Alpha Review Adjustment

Learn About Your Program

Learn About Your Program


Initial Design

Improved Design

The product has received exceptional reviews. One of the commonly noted items of compliment included the use of photos throughout which helped develop the understanding of the concepts. The aesthetically pleasing look and feel of the Articulate RISE product, is inviting for users and has hopes of increasing the engagement level of the users. 

Currently, the data shows that the previous version of the product had issues with user engagement. The data notates that 70% of users did not read through the PowerPoint prior to taking the final quiz. With this product update, all materials are inclusive and the user will have to move through the module to find the final quiz at the end. As this is a new update for this product, new data is pending. 

Other Design Examples

Course content videos

I directed and produced several videos for learner understanding of content. These are two examples of an orientation and a course content video.

Virtual Classroom


I am also responsible for designing classrooms conducive to learning online. Using the Adobe Connect platform, I ensure that the flow of the presentation is fit for the cognitive load of the learner. Including polls, PowerPoint presentations, video, web links, chat boxes, breakout rooms, and layout changes are a few ways to keep learners at the center of the design.

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