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Self Improvement Program

The "Six Steps to Seeing It Through" is a program I developed for the success of women while working through workplace challenges. Through extensive surveys, research, and interviews, I found a trend in workplace bullying that goes unreported or underreported. Much of the lack of reporting is due to the chance of retaliation in the workplace. 

As the project creator, designer, and manager, I have created multiple resources for the user in their quest for a healthy mental state at work. These resources were based on desired needs from potential users, and people who have experienced these situations in the past.

1. Workbook for encouragement and documentation 

2. Training module for new professionals

3. Music for meditation and relaxation 

4. Webinars for interactive communication in real time

5. App for user accountability and reporting



Six Module.png


Personas and the Journey

"I am so tired of being hopeful for jobs, to then, just get discouraged because of how I am treated. I am qualified, I bring so much to the table, but my ideas are ignored and certain people act like they do not understand me. I have quit jobs in the past because I did not feel valued or taken seriously, but I worked hard for this one and I am not leaving. However, I am miserable and stressed everyday."

-Jodie 34, years old.

"This particular job I had made me feel like I was on eggshells. I could not do anything right, even though I tried really hard. I do not believe I was given the right tools to be successful, and this was possibly on purpose. I did not have proof and the one time I complained, HR made me look like I was the problem. I gave up and moved on."

-Ashe, 29 years old 

1.               2.              3.                4.               5. 

Motivation                           Resource Search                 Activate resources                  Communicate                       Report  



Overall Experiences

Customer Expectations

Stress at work                   Search for stress relief                Join activity                           Speak with coach                  Reassure others

Sad                                   Hopeful                                       Invigorated                           Determined                            Proud

Bad                                     Neutral                                      Good                                    Good                                     Very Good

To be content, not sad      Search with ease                    Warm welcomes, embrace   Understanding/ acceptance   Thrive and help others

App Prototype for Healing, Support, and Guidance

Task 1.png

The first task of the app is to help the user understand how to use the app with the assistance of their coach. It also explains the award system (badges) and how to communicate with their coach.

Task 2.png

The second task is designed to teach the user how to "focus or hold" certain activities involved with their growth. The app entitled, "Six Steps" has six focus areas that promote healing and growth within the individual user. 

Task 3.png

The third task demonstrates how to earn badges and rewards for consistent participation from the user. It also encourages accountability and reporting, two important aspects of the app and program. 

Feedback and Impact

Participants, readers, listeners, and viewers have given stellar reviews of the products. 
1. Consistent sales of book, "Six Steps to Seeing It Through: Little Black Book." Data provided by Amazon KDP.
2. Consistent streaming of album, "Blessed Incantations." Data provided by Spotify, Distrokid for sales.  
3. Course has been distributed to employees by management to encourage awareness of workplace bullying.
4. Webinar on Six Steps program, was attended by over 60 participants.

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