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Questions for learners to reflect before, during and after the project. 


1. What do you think the most challenging part of your new job will be?

2. Do you think safety is the most important value in an airline? Explain why or why not.

3. How do you think your training will prepare you for your new job?


1. Did you know of any regulations required by airlines before this project? Give examples.

2. What regulations, if any, have you seen in action during your leisure travel?

3. What are regulations that you wish were in place as a consumer/ and as a new airline employee?


1. What impact does learning about the regulations have on your new role?

2. Do you think your interest level in FARs will determine future roles for you at your new job?

3. What can you share with the general public about flying that is different now that you have learned about the FARs?

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