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Problem Statement

I need to select my outfits for my vacation fast and within a specified budget. I do not have time to physically shop and I need to know that these looks are going to be appropriate for my vacation destination, local culture, weather and activities. 

Hypothesis Statement 

If an app was created that organized wardrobe options, with a travel itinerary, it would reduce the time for a user to prepare for the trip, reduce unexpected luggage fees, and increase efficiency during the trip when getting dressed each day. It would also ensure fashionable choices and styles would be worn each day, due to curated looks being presented to the users. This would be demonstrated by social media comments and hashtags, influencer following increases, and app activity link outs to social media posts.


Value Proposition

Competitors are not offering travel centered options for purchasing on their app. Fast fashion is exploding and there are several ways for users to get stylish designs quickly. A few include:

Fashion Nova



Top Shop


The above are retailers that the targeted demographic use frequently to order clothes online. However, an app that can put the user in the setting, give the user appropriate options based on destination input, and order the items all in one place, is not on the market. The user being comfortable with their choices as well as being comfortable in action are goals that the app can accomplish.

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