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This Mac and Cheese Soup is straight to the point! So much fuss about who has the best Mac & Cheese during the holidays, but no one will be able to compete with this!

Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Feta Cheese

Heavy Cream

Salted Butter

Noodles of your choice, (smaller than a nickel)

Black Pepper and Salt to taste


Boil 8 oz of pasta in salted water. In another pot, melt over low heat 

1 stick of butter, 8 oz of heavy cream, 8 oz of cheddar (crumble the block), 3 oz of feta cheese. 


Slowly melt the butter, cream and cheeses over low heat to ensure no separation. Make sure to cook the pasta past al dente because the soup should melt together in your mouth! The pasta should maintain its shape, but feel soft to the bite. Once pasta is fully cooked and drained, slowly add to the cheese sauce. Since this is a soup, there should be more cheese than noodles. Depending on how much your pasta swells during cooking, you may or may not need to add all of it to the sauce.  


The  soup should be served in a comfortable bowl for your guest to snuggle up and watch a good movie while enjoying! The topping compote is optional. Click below for the recipe!

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