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Cloud cake


One of my favorite cooking shows growing up was Sandra Lee's Semi Homemade Cooking. To be honest, a lot of our food that we say is made from scratch comes with a little help from a brand. Grab a box of cake mix and bake it up following the instructions. You can vary the flavor according to what you want! A tub of whipped cream, a box of instant pudding, vanilla extract or a complementary flavor, Sprinkles! 


Bake Your cake with butter if possible. This makes it very rich and soft. Add a few table spoons of the pudding mix for even more moistness. Make your pudding following the directions as well. Bring the whipped cream to nearly room temperture and stir in the extract. You can add fresh or frozen fruit as well!

Layer the ingredients, crumbling or slicing the cake, until the top. 


This is a quick dessert that you can actually involve your guests in. Sit around and spill the tea while the cake is deliciously baking. You may even provide various toppings to make it more fun. Chocolate, cherries, pineapples. Cooking is fun and creative. Don't be scared. All of this can be baked, plated and eaten in less than an hour!


Find nice glasses, if you have any left over from indulging in lots of wine for the party. Or buy some dollar store clear cups.Make sure to have spoons available for the ingredients and for eating!!! Enjoy!

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