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Smiling for the Camera

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Usability Study

There are a number of growing ways this app can benefit the user. The focus has many options and A/B testing would be optimal for narrowing down what is best for the user.

Key Points:

Online shopping 

Outfit simulation

Location visualization

Comfort and Style Options

Affordable fast fashion

Calendar Organization

Social media connection

With a variety of uses, all may not benefit the user if the cognitive overload is too great. The app is primarily to be used before a trip, however is it necessary to keep the user on the app during their trip? In that case, they will have model photos, simulated photos, and their actual photos in the app. Is this app's purpose to document the user's travels? If not, that is function that is not needed. 

Purchasing fashion for a trip, and visualizing the journey through each day is the primary purpose of this app. Through usability testing, we will be able to find out if the user wants to expand the primary purpose or reduce the functions offered by the app.

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