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Traveling is an experience. These days, everyone wants to document their journey and not just for themselves. These photos are immediately going online to be vaulted for a lifetime. 

The users of this app know that style is essential to strolling through the international streets. "Stunting," or showing off your threads is part of the game.


"You haven't been anywhere if no one knows it." 

Even though, traveling is an amazing personal journey, the pictures tell a story to those who will never have the chance to visit. 

So whether is is personal, or for the masses, users need to organize their fashions as a daily art journey. Honestly, everyone does not have that talent!

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User Story

As busy, but fashionable person who loves to travel, I want to get it right. I go on vacations to explore and be fabulous. I need to organize my looks before arriving. I do not like digging through my suitcase finding outfits. I want to coordinate with my settings, to make sure I am comfortable. I cannot overpack because I do not want to pay for additional luggage. I have a lot going on, I don't have time for strolling through the mall.

-Amar Marie

I have no clue when it comes to fashion. I just know I need to look nice for these upcoming trips. I haven't bought clothes in a while, but want some new looks for vacation. I don't have time and can't hire a personal stylist, but need to narrow down options. Help!



Interviews revealed that many travelers within the targeted demographic put a high emphasis on fashion. They revealed that social media influences their destinations and pictures are a motivation to look nice. Most are working within a budget, and typically use fast fashion websites to order the clothes. Some have a higher budget and would like name brand styles as part of their ensembles. It was revealed that time was a factor in preparing for trips, click purchasing is desired. It was revealed that outfits would be posted by most individuals on social media. 


"I need to pick my outfits for this trip."

"I do not feel like shopping, I have no time!"

"I need affordable options, I want several looks."

"I need to plan by the day, this is so hard for me."

"I am not checking a bag, these clothes need to fit!" 

"I don't mind keeping the clothes, but they are really just for the pictures."


"I am not spending more than $200 for these outfits." 

"I hope these outfits feel good during my trip activities."

"I need these fast, and if they don't fit, they need to go back, fast!"









Writes outfits manually

Overpacks and causes travel issues

Doesn't wear intended looks, forgets pieces

Does not accessorize 

Does not match environment or prepare for elements

Bad mood
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